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Adj. - Someone who is really hood and gangster; someone who gets $$$.
"That guy is so otto" "I wish I was a cool as that otto"
by lil lyss February 17, 2008
Noun; Hawaiian Weed
Last night I got so high off that Otto.
by That1Guytoo March 04, 2012
(ot-oh; Ger. awt-oh) - VERB

To hand tighten a nut so tight that it cannot be loosened by hand.
"Who the hell Otto'd these truss bolts? Someone get me a wrench!"
by Crowdsurfer February 07, 2010
a nice restaurant/night club in istanbul, turkey.
Otto is famous for its pizzas.
by gokce June 07, 2009
An incredibly sweet guy that has a great butt and sweet cookie fingers!!!!!!And is amazing and loves his girlfriend very very much!!!!
Oh!!!!!Otto loves megan!!!!
by Meganlovesherottoloves December 08, 2008
An acronym for oblivious to the obvious. Usually used as a verb, but can be used as a noun.
(noun) In retrospect, Nate realized he was being an otto after finding out she was a he. He was relentlessly jeered by all who knew of the incident for the rest of his natural born life.

(verb) Is it possible to be so otto as to not notice the adams apple, or the bulge in heshe's dress for that matter?
by WTFPWNSAUCE March 25, 2010
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