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Function: noun

1: A term used to describe a warrior class during Japan's pre-feudal and feudal periods. Few true bushi exist today. Also see samurai
2: Someone you don't want to fuck with.
Shit! That guy is totally bushi, I mean man that really hurt.
by Muramasa August 25, 2004
71 53
A contracton of the term "bull shit." Used mainly to refer to a situation inwich someone acted unfairly
you payed $300 for that pece of crap. Ain't that some bushi
by Joseph Fallon July 06, 2004
17 32
The black bugs that float to the top of the rice cooker
This rice has been eaten by the bushi.

Now the bushi are mine to enjoy
3 19
little boy with too much facial hair
look little George hasn't shaved in a while, he's becoming a Bushi
by Anonymous July 26, 2003
6 29
see 'thecoolestmotherfuckingkydever'
that fucking bushi owned ur ass
by Anonymous March 08, 2003
12 35