A type of underwear commonly worn by the teenage male crowd as well as young adults. This type of underwear allows for a lot of freedom (too much if you ask me) which can sometimes be a little distracting to the wearer. Everything about the boxer is loose save for the waistband, which is the only thing holding up boxers. They're like swim trunks, except not made for swimming, because they'll slip right off in the pool. Boxers are also associated with the sagging pants look which has become popular in recent years. On a comfort scale, boxers are okay, but the sensastion of the testicles and penis smacking your inner thighs around will and does get annoying after a while.
I have a couple pairs of boxers in my drawer, but I save those for backups for when I need to do laundry.
by TheSpectacularOne May 07, 2009
An engine with a horizontally opposed piston configuration.
"What do you have in that thing? A straight six?"
-"Yeah, six cylinders, but it's a boxer."
by Tyler July 27, 2004
The wiggliest, most adorable, lovable pets with short and stubby tails.
Dude! you need to come check out my new boxer. he's so cute..but his tail is too stubby.
by ghanygirl December 12, 2010
things mostly guys wear under their pants
I was watching porn and I felt my penis getting hard. i couldn't stop so i unzipped my pants and pulled down my boxers. and started to go up and down on my worm cock until my dad walked in and i put my boxers over my throbbing boner. The satin on my penis made it more and more excited my penis couldn't take it and the next second i drop the biggest load ever and saw as dripps of white creamy cum soaked my boxers and the snoopy cartoon got a nice drink of warm milk.
by thisiswhathappens April 24, 2011
A breed of dog. That is absolutely adorable!
Omg! Did you see his boxer? he was cute
by Wolfie00 April 26, 2016
Boxer first published July 2004. Since then, it has been the highest selling and most respectable men's magazine in the country (Turkey) followed by Turkish editions of FHM and Esquire magazines.
by egoboy September 16, 2008
The best and coolest type of underwear. worn by both women and men. The only bad thing about them is they don't hide boners. They are the best to wear in a boys locker room, because they are cool. they come in many styles and colors. They are loose fitting, short shorts worn underneath pants. they are made of either soft cotton or a scratchy material and have elastic in the waistband only. They are the only underwear to sag in.
In the locker room at my school boys get pantsed and wegies all the time. The ones who get pantsed and have boxers on are left alone after. The ones with other underwear are given wedgies.
by anjamin April 23, 2009
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