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underwear that most male teens wear. If a teen male isn't wearing boxers, then he usually gets a wedgie by someone wearing boxers.
In gym class today, everyone except the nerds,(whom wear being given wedgies), wore their plaid boxers
by aeb1 October 05, 2006
underwear for males, that can look like a thong,brief, or boxer and is used to protect the males balls, and penis while playing a sport.
today after basketball practice we all through our jockstraps at the nerds.
by aeb1 October 05, 2006
what happens to all: nerds,geeks,dorks,preps, rich kids,freshman and brief weareres. A person whom usually wears boxers will usually pull the victims underwear (usually briefs) up the victims crack. If the victim fights back at the giver, and the giver loses, then the giver must switch underwear with the victim and then be given an hanging wedgie
Today in gym class the seniors gave all the freshmans wedgies in the lockerooms, even the freshman wearing boxers. The seniors then hung each and every freshman on a locker and kicked them in the balls several hours, and left them there.
by aeb1 October 05, 2006
pulling the front of ones underwear, giving them a wedgie, and also crushing their balls, at the same time. Usually done by teens.
It was senior day in high school, and all the seniors gave freshman melvins, I was so unlucky for i wore boxers that day.
by aeb1 October 05, 2006
the equivalent of what boxers have done for men. dominant women's undergarment. it is a thong wearers civil duty to give a hanging wedgie to all brief wearers.
My girlfriend told me that she rercieved a wedgie today in the lockeroom for wearing her american eagle briefs today by a group of girls wearing prepy thongs.
by aeb1 October 05, 2006
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