Often confused with a fat old balding russian man, but is actually the coolest and most dashing (; armenian guy ever! He's jams out on his guitar for hours and leaves the girls swooning. He'll never give up on his friends and stays up 'til the crack of dawn talking to them. Everyone wants a best friend  like Boris!    
Mom: who you texting? 
Me: Boris
Mom: oh...say hi for me! 
Me: *texting* my mom says hi 
Boris' reply: :O haha...tell her I say hi back! (-:
The End 
by Artsy.Pearl August 23, 2011
Awesome Japanese experimental metal band that also cross over into stoner rock, psychedelia, sludge metal, groove metal, noise rock, and drone metal. They're a three-piece band but are able to create some pretty sick sounds and also enthrall the listener with an atmosphere of ambient, transcendental noise.

Oh! And they're named after The Melvins song Boris.
My friend saw Boris in concert last night, and came back with his mind blown by how amazing they were.
by MlleRCCola April 20, 2012
A verb, noun and adjective usable in past, current and future tense. Usually used to express anger, frustration, hilarity or violence. Also occasionally a persons name. Not so different to the word "fuck" in it's many uses. The term is commonly used numerous times in the one phrase, where it may represent many different things or actions
1. "Borrrisss!!!!"

2. "Boris Borised it!"

3. "Where's Boris?" "Boris went full Boris." "What? Boris Borised it?" "Yep Boris Borised it and went full Boris." "BORRRISSS!!"

4. "I wish these fucking lights would change." "Borrrisss!"
by EoN October 09, 2012
A not very well know rubik's cuber. As of July 15, 2010 his record for a single time is 13.18 seconds, and record for an average 3 out of 5 is 14.77 seconds. He has a collection of puzzles similar to the rubik's cube. Although he has not participated in any official events, he plans to in the future. Boris is also interested in math, science, engineering, music, and sports. He participates in all of this at school, as well as home. Known for being the first freshman to be in a AP course (at his high school), more specifically AP Calculus BC, and getting an overall A+ and a 5 on the college credit exam. Also known to be the first freshman in chemistry honors, a junior level class. Plays cello in the school orchestra, and will participate in his school's symphony orchestra, a sign of advanced play.
Boris has also started school wide obsessions with the rubik's cube multiple times. In addition to all of these advancements, Boris is known for his wit. Most of what leaves his mouth is sarcastic, whether it sounds like it or not, and he has done some mean pranks on different people. For these few negative qualities, there are many who consider him to be an arrogant, petty fool, and do not like him. Even though many have left negative imprints on him, he is quick to forgive and forget. He claims he does not remember himself more than two years ago, and he forgets insults far faster.
Boris solved the cube. For the millionth time.
God, why does Boris have to be a smart ass all the time?
What? You're in calculus? How?
by venser July 15, 2010
poop, feces, waste, turd, etc etc
I was busting for a shiit so i thought for the first time ever id use the public toilets. i walk in there and there was only 2 toilets in there, both taken. so i stood by the sink holding in this mega boris. all i could think about was how good this will feel after i unleash the demon within, and while standing i could slowly feel the head leave its mark on my undies. 5 minutes pass and im still waiting in the quiet, listening to grunting and the 'plop' sound of the boris hitting the water. i couldnt hold this in any further, so i had to sya something. "how long will you guys be?". no answer. "i need to **** real bad i can feel it coming". "shutup and wait your turn" he says. another minute passses and usually i can hold this in but today was real bad. i couldnt do it any longer, so was time for plan b, **** in the sink. pulled down my pants and started grunting loudly and you could hear the boris slide down the sink. one of the guys then yelled "what the fuk r u doing" and opened his door, so i flashed my penis at him. he qikly closed the door and then i heard the toilet paper begin to roll. i only got one **** out but it was enuf, i used the paper towels to wipe my ass, and turned on the hand dryer so the hot air would make the **** smell even more. i heard his belt buckle and as i ran out i yelled "dont forget to wash your hands" and threw one of my paper towels with **** on it over in his cubicle.
by mega boris July 21, 2010
Short For Boricua .
Chica's are called bori.
When your lazy and dont want to say boricua
Hell yeah im a bori.
Boricua .
by brie June 09, 2005
SI unit of measurement for beauty. It is usually in reference to the Victoria Secret Models, sometimes used as a name.

1 Bori = Beauty of 10 Models.
Bori could land a modelling contract dressed as a vagrant.
by mastershake December 23, 2013

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