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A person who is prone to making ridiculously stupid mistakes that is laughable to an ordinary human.
"That Ramwell sure is a Boris"
"man, i'm so sorry for borising out at your grandfathers funeral"
by stoz June 26, 2006
to take a poop.
i need to hang a 'boris'.
by sal93 May 01, 2009
A large bottle of cheap vodka to be consumed at great speed. Normally bought about 10:30pm from a 24/7. Used when in desperate need to get off box quickly and cheaply before entering an expensive nightclub.

Stereotype Russian man (Boris) drinks vodka alot
Shall we get some Boris? I’m sober as a judge!
by Donkey Kong01 February 07, 2008
An abnormally large, deformed, and hairy penis
I saw a russian horse master lurking down the hallway, and he had a huge boris protruding from his pants.
by Rosey D November 05, 2007
A piece of solid defecant which is expelled from the anus that is 12 inches or approximately 30 cm in length. Note that anything larger than 30cm or 12inch can not be regarded as a Bori.
I just did a Bori.
That is a Large Bori
by Jason Raah Raah Bah August 07, 2007
A stingy mother fucker. One who gives as little as possible and expects to recieve a greater value in return in any scenario.
"Stop being a cheap asshole and pay for yourself."
"Stop being a Boris"

by Boris Li November 16, 2007
A woman who looks extremely like a middle eastern mine worker
Crist, your mums a right boris
by vshake May 27, 2007