Bori is the pairing of Beck Oliver and Tori Vega on the show Victorious
Team Bade (Beck and Jade) or Bori? (Beck and Tori)

by Katleyn Poppie January 31, 2011
1: A name associated with Russia for some reason or another.

2: A name sometimes given to tarantulas. Probably comes from the song 'Boris the Spider'.
"Don't call that spider Hairy. His name is Boris".

"It is? Does he come to you when you call his name?"

by Stormsworder February 01, 2007
A person who steals other people patter because he can't make his own up. Is shouted at people like this constantly as they are a BORIS!
by BORIS Johnson1111 January 08, 2011
(noun) A socially retarded roommate who has no knowledge of social protocol.
Alex: Have you met our new roommate Boris yet?
Steve: Nope. So his name is Boris?
Alex: No, he's just a Boris.
by Steve Apple June 28, 2010
1. To get crumbs or some other form of shmutz all over the place. (verb)

2. Used as a noun to say that there are crumbs all over you.

(Borising commonly occurs after a late night hookup...unidentified crumbs may appear.)
Ex 1:
"Oh man! While eating the pretzels i Borised all over myself! :("

Ex 2:
"Looks like while i was eating Boris paid me a little visit"
by lizbrez March 12, 2009
Slang term for taking a dump. Can either be a Boris which case this poo was solid as a rock...or a Boris which this poo was smooth like the tennis player.
Well, i gotta go take a Boris.
Yeltsin or Becker?
C'mon we just had know which one!!
by nappeo November 19, 2009
A person who is prone to making ridiculously stupid mistakes that is laughable to an ordinary human.
"That Ramwell sure is a Boris"
"man, i'm so sorry for borising out at your grandfathers funeral"
by stoz June 26, 2006

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