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The end of good music as we know it. This "album" is simply a collection of overplayed, overmarketed songs that are either already shitty, or songs that are actually really good but ruined as they are redone by a group of kids that sound like 80-year-olds on Ritalin and helium while shooting up black rain. It's marketed towards soccer moms who think "Oh! If I buy this for my children, they won't have to listen to that awful rock music and Satanic death metal. They can listen to pop songs but are redone by kids for kids! And all the bad words are censored out with giggling so they won't have to hear curse words."
Since 2000, they (those who produce this rubbish) have put out a number of these albums. However, the first one by itself was too much.
Tom: "Hey, did you hear? There's a gazillionth volume of Kidz Bop being released next week."
Hannah (facepalms): "Dear Mother of God, I don't wanna live on this planet anymore.."

Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron (Soundgarden's dual response to Chuck Norris): "What the hell is Kidz Bop?"
#kidz bop #pop music #shit #i #don't #want #to #live #on #this #planet #anymore
by MlleRCCola February 21, 2012
Awesome Japanese experimental metal band that also cross over into stoner rock, psychedelia, sludge metal, groove metal, noise rock, and drone metal. They're a three-piece band but are able to create some pretty sick sounds and also enthrall the listener with an atmosphere of ambient, transcendental noise.

Oh! And they're named after The Melvins song Boris.
My friend saw Boris in concert last night, and came back with his mind blown by how amazing they were.
#boris #japan #japanese #metal #sludge #drone #amazing #awesome
by MlleRCCola April 20, 2012
A truly awful band from Alberta, Canada. Their music is watered-down hard rock, overplayed (especially on the ROCK radio station near the place I live, and I'm from the United States), and, coincidentally loved by pop music fans, posers, and those with an untrained ear.

Often mislabeled as "post-grunge" or, I've heard someone label them this, and I just about flipped my lid, "grunge" even. They're not even close to being grunge, much less post-grunge.

If Nickelback is anything, they're another nu metal band that's trying to be as cool as Korn, Slipknot, or Limp Bizkit for that matter.
Nickelback fan: "OMG I love Nickelback! They're so awesome and hardcore! They're grunge, baby! Grunge!"
Smart person (sporting a Nirvana shirt): "You idiot. Go listen to the Melvins or Soundgarden or Green River if you wanna hear some real grunge."
#nu metal #grunge #post-grunge #nickelback #is #really #truly #awful
by MlleRCCola February 20, 2012
The nephew of the late great Ayrton Senna da Silva.
Thing with Bruno is you either love him or you hate him: you love him because he's Ayrton's nephew and Ayrton himself once said, talking about Bruno, and I quote, "You think I can drive, you should see my nephew Bruno." And you hate him because he got into F1 because of the name Senna and that he also brings in money to drive in F1, because that's who F1 "fans" seem to like to rip on are the pay-drivers, or the drivers who have to pay their way in just to drive a car.
F1 "fan": "Bruno Senna? Oh, come on... he only got in because of the name 'Senna' and he brought money, too."
Me: "I can assure you pay-drivers are nothing new. And Ayrton himself assured us that Bruno can drive the wheels off of a car!"
#bruno #senna #ayrton senna #f1 #formula 1 #formula one #pay-drivers
by MlleRCCola February 03, 2012
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