Some word Urban Dictionary wants us to look up.
Bootylicious has no real definition but can be related to Rihanna or Tom Cruise.
by mohofoho September 10, 2012
Some weird word Urban Dictionary wants us to look up...
What does bootylicious even mean?!
by checkitk September 08, 2012
1) A word used to describe someone that has a deLICIOUS butt.
Dam, your butt is bootylicious!
by annabanna June 08, 2011
Beyonce says that bootylicious means beautiful,bountiful,and bouncy.
by Chelsey September 30, 2003
A female with a large posterior (or better known as a Big Booty Bitch) could be described as "bootylicious"
Phil: "You see that ass, Chris?"
Chris: "Damn, that girl's bootylicious"
by Slashmate101 March 06, 2013
Girl with a large 'booty', ass

wow!! Jane that friend of urs is so bootylicious
by leonard711 July 29, 2008
by definition bootylicious is a gal that can present her body as a godess and that has all the bullets in the right place.a firm tiddly wink.A body that is eatable.
"lisa ray on a hot day" She's the godess of them all.
by kyrel March 02, 2004

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