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to be very sexy; hae a fine ass
That girl in the corner is bootilicious.
by Xyrus November 08, 2003
429 149
A word Beyonce doesnt want associated with her as of 19/9/03
I'm bootylicious, but I don't want you to say that!!!!
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
297 154
A dookey maker. A budunkaa-dunk-dunk. Humps. Lady Lumps. A bootiful ass. Most common with Black women.
"Great googly moogley, that thang iz juicy."

"Dang, look at her dookey maker!"

"That bitch is bootilicious"
by B.Pope March 16, 2007
61 80
more ass than a ka-dunka-dunk!!
that ass iz jus bootilicious.
by jb December 25, 2003
57 117
something that is off the hook, the chain fa shizzle; break me off a piece
Your fine ass is bootilicious
by mexcellent k August 07, 2003
43 110