you may think the word bootylicious is about butts, correct? well that is not true. bootylicious is the first word of a rare species of human called Bootylicious tracholephilia (tray-koe-leh-feel-ee-ah). Bootylicious tracholephilia is the scientific name for a male above the age of 36 who walks around in every state that starts with 'N', wearing nothing but a small leather jacket. they are very rare, but they do exist. their steps are short and to the point, they are usually bearded, and do not seem to care about flamingos whatsoever. they generally have green eyes, and are terrified of redheads. you can try and talk to one, and tell them to put some pants on, but they usually only speak german.
i spotted a Bootylicious tracholephilia today, it was pretty phenomenal.
by Potato the Viking June 14, 2012
A word for a girl with a huge ass. Also a word Urban Dictionary always wants us to look up.
Did you notice Urban Dictionary wants us to look up bootylicious?
by Grandpa Eugene June 06, 2013
Having a Big, Delicious, hot booty
by o__O February 21, 2015
The buttocks of one person, usually female, that attracts most attention in a positive way.
Wow, that's so bootylicious
by ava0030 July 21, 2014
when the booty is delicious.
"gah that girl is bootylicious"
by airsurfer. July 01, 2014
A sexually attractive butt.
She is bootylicious.
by putang lee March 17, 2014
Some word Urban Dictionary wants us to look up.
Bootylicious has no real definition but can be related to Rihanna or Tom Cruise.
by mohofoho September 10, 2012

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