1) A female individual with a curvy, nice bottom. which others may find either beautiful or sexually attractive, or both.

2) Dat ass!

3) Urban Dictionary's constant fetish. C'mon UD, it's obviously obvious, considering that whoever runs this place is always asking us to look up this definition.

Random note:

Number one rule: a person who is bootylicious requires a hot, curved bottom, although emphasis on hot. Not in any way can a fat person with a fat @ss be considered bootlicious.
Person 1: Damn, look at dat ass! *pervy smile*

Person 2: I know right, isn't she so bootylicious? *drooling*
by Anonymous Loner October 22, 2012
To be sexually attractive especially in the buttocks

Booty + delicious
Beyonce and Deelishes ( from the Flavor Of Love 2 ) are bootylicious
by Alaysia December 01, 2006
Mostly relating to female with nicely built sizable sexy booty, that makes a man want to take a second look.

referred to big juicy ass woman
She is so bootylicious and I could not help but look back

Men,n,n, That girl get big ass, that is, bootylicious.
by Chris Usigbe February 01, 2005
The best word to add to the Tags section, when submitting your entry to the Urban Dictionary.

Whilst it may have absolutely nothing whatever to do with your term, it could help boost your up/down ranking.
List at least five synonyms, antonyms, related words and misspellings, separated by commas: bootylicious

Look up any word, like bootylicious
by little-miss can't do wrong July 27, 2011
A girl who has a nice ass or is good looking.
Damn boy, your sister Carlee is bootylicious.
by david October 09, 2004
A large volumtios booty such as Beyonce
Becky, look at her but. It's just so big and out there. It's all bootylicious
by im so cool January 10, 2008
That weird word you always see Urban Dictionary telling you to look up.
Look up any word, like bootylicious:
by ~The Wizard~ January 05, 2013

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