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1. University of California - Santa Barbara

2. University of Casual Sex and Beer

3. An almost too-good-to-be-true place that combines excellent academics with a vibrant social atmosphere and perfect weather. It is also the only university in the United States that owns its own beach.
Omigod you go to UCSB? Can I be your friend?
by Eva July 22, 2004
something you yell at the girl who you know looks better than you do wearing the same dress. oh yeah, she just slept with your boyfriend and your brother.
i wish i were as great a whore as carly. it'd help if i had her tits.
by eva December 23, 2003
Nick mane for sailor (17-30ish ) in the British Navy (not a submariner).
Tends to spend a lot of time in Plymouth and Portsmouth.
Likes to drink a lot and pull (snog, shag)any Shaz, Tracy or Janner they find.
"Dem matlows 'ave arrived"
"Come on 'en Tracy lets get a shag."
by Eva January 07, 2004
Cold; freezing
I'm chapping, u nah!
Last night it was chapping!
by Eva May 09, 2004
1: (Adjective)
Outstandingly wonderful. Groovey.
2: (noun)
Insane manic cheery-ness. That little extra something that keeps a person from blowing thier brains out.
First documented appearance: "Cannible the movie"
1: "Well gosh, it's just such a spadoinkle day!!!"
2: "Oh no! I think little Jhonny has lost his spadoinkle."
by Eva December 23, 2004
adj. endowed with a wonderful ass, or especially luscious
Cody is bootilicious, fa sho.
by eva March 25, 2005
Means People, see also liek
From wonky keyboard syndrome
"I love it, and most peopel seem to liek the changes."
by Eva March 09, 2004

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