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A condition that makes it difficult to climb through fences, because one's rear end is so darn bootylicious.
Paul: Ryan, climb through that fence to get to the other side and reach the bay window.
Ryan: I am having trouble.
Paul: I forgot how darn bootylicious you are.
by Source:Swag June 05, 2013
Beyonce's reference to someone with a really juicy, nice, round, voluptuous, fine luscious booty or body! The two words: Booty & Luscious are combined, thus the word, "bootylicious" emerged!
Damn! That girl's body is bootylicious!!!!!
by sha-nay-nay-butt September 26, 2009
A girl with a fine fine ass.. mostly seen on black girls but there are always exceptions
see the backside of Christine Stefchak
by manhopimp July 23, 2004
a girl with a big ass....NOT a big ass girl! full round nice booty!!!!!!!

jenifer lopez-girl witha big ass
queen latifah- big ass girl!
oh weee.....damn girl..you too bootylicious!! mmhmmm...
by jill February 01, 2004
THE term Bootylicious was not started by Beyonce Knowles from Destinys Child. It was first used by Snoop Doggy Dogg, who is a rapper.
no example
by Grace January 27, 2004
To be wack, corny, or dumb. First used by Snoop Doggy Dog in the early 90's on a song with Dr. Dre referring to Easy E.
Those rhymes you were kicking' were quite bootylicious.
by P.G. Webster September 25, 2008
some men may refer to a female with a big buttock as bootylicious. On the other hand, other men may not think that’s really bootylicious. It is all in a matter of what is appealing to one person
That gurl with the last name WILSON is of the hook because of soccer and all that working out her body is bootylicious.
by Lacey Grace October 17, 2006