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beautiful, bountiful, and bounceable
There's nothin' more nutritious than a girl that's bootylicious!
by new hottness January 12, 2004
A weird word that Urban Dictionary seems to want everyone to look up.
Bootylicious isn't ever really used in conversation or text messaging...
by imsobootylicious August 06, 2012
the word that urban dictionary seems to favor, seeing as they are always telling you to look it up.
look up anything, like BOOTYLICIOUS.

uh, do you mind, ud?
by erica388 June 22, 2011
(boo)T(lish)us - The origins of the word bootylicious are unclear. Some have (incorrectly) named Snoop as the creator, while others give Jay-Z's "B" the credit for popularizing the word (and being quite a good real-world example of the term). The term is multi-facted, encompassing an object (the booty), an adjective (delicious), and a state of being (damn sexy). It is a misconception that bootyliciousness depends directly on the size of the booty, it is more important to have quality over quantity.
When Amanda is dancing and gittin' it in her cubicle to butty music on the radio, she is quite bootylicious.
by TheHollaBackKid June 02, 2005
adj. endowed with a wonderful ass, or especially luscious
Cody is bootilicious, fa sho.
by eva March 25, 2005
of great butt
oh, dang she fine!! SHE BOOTYLICIOUS!!
by Cara October 22, 2003
1) A female individual with a curvy, nice bottom. which others may find either beautiful or sexually attractive, or both.

2) Dat ass!

3) Urban Dictionary's constant fetish. C'mon UD, it's obviously obvious, considering that whoever runs this place is always asking us to look up this definition.

Random note:

Number one rule: a person who is bootylicious requires a hot, curved bottom, although emphasis on hot. Not in any way can a fat person with a fat @ss be considered bootlicious.
Person 1: Damn, look at dat ass! *pervy smile*

Person 2: I know right, isn't she so bootylicious? *drooling*
by Anonymous Loner October 22, 2012