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Prounounced boogey-daggy-diggy-daggy - this word must be spoken out loud to truly capture its essence. Say it with me.
Now say it faster.
Isn't it the most fun word to say ever?

Boogidaggydiggydaggy is a word which means "feel like dancing". It was discovered on November 7th 2008 . Drop it like it's hot - no more! Just Boogidaggydiggydaggy! Now get down with your fine selves, and Boogidaggydiggydaggy!!
Patti: "Boogidaggydiggydaggy?"
Kayleigh :"Boogidaggydiggydaggy!!!!!"

And then the two dance into the night.
by Patti Adair November 12, 2008

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