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1. A hero
2. Sweetest singer ever (in the band u2)
3. A leader of the ONE campain to stop HIV/AIDs in Africa
Bono is pretty sweet
by YoshimiBattlesthepinkrobots December 07, 2007
68 74
The RECORD of world's biggest crap.
Damn Bono is a piece of shit.
by Homosapien Michaels October 21, 2007
58 68
a peice of crap.

person 1: did you see that new episode of south park?

person 2: yeah, that one where bono is sucking that guys tit at the end?

person 1: yeah thats the one.
by igothighlastnight October 27, 2007
78 89
The singer of U2. Everyone seems to be hating on him. U2 is a very respectable band and last time I checked you weren't a world famous superstar! Is there a right way to do it?

Don't hate on Bono. At least he's trying. And he's got a great band to support him!
person 1: Bono sucks!
person 2: Don't be hatin!!
by imnotcrazyyet October 03, 2010
11 24
the biggest crap
i just took a Bono last night
by tatomuck1 February 19, 2009
37 50
the greatest man alive.
bono has accomplish so much in the environmentalist community.
by timebombkatie March 11, 2008
46 61
A great frontman, an even better person. Is using his fame to fame to denounce violence in Ireland, help the ailing African nations, among other worthy causes. A smart person with a big heart, in short.
Bono shared Time's Person of the Year.

When Bono said "Unos, dos, tres, catorce" he was reffering to a verse in the Bible, and also hinting that How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb is U2's 14th album.
by chris222229001 March 16, 2006
160 176