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A hairy man. Who is unrivaled at the act of sexual intercourse.
"Oh Shelly, Drew was such a sex bison last night."
by Everyone March 28, 2003
Being screwed over so bad that you cannot begin to comprehend how bad your screwed.
Brian coones is Royaly Fucked
by Everyone March 20, 2005
A "Shower" which you spray deoderent on your body and say, "I am clean"
"I just took a Joe shower" "Wow u still stink... actually u made it worst"
by Everyone March 17, 2005
a strap on cock for your nose, also referring to people with big noses
frod has a pecker nose
by everyone April 07, 2005
(Noun) the kind of excessive fake tan job that leaves the recipient looking orange.
OH....MY....GOD....look at Kevin! He's had a Kollenda. He looks like he's been dipped in creosote.
by everyone August 23, 2004
God, Buddha, Muhammed, and all other supreme beings, rolled into one.
b0xman owns you.
by Everyone May 14, 2003
fucking pro to the max
i am bouj
by everyone September 23, 2003

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