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The Hispanic accented pronunciation of the English word "You", used by the character Tony Montana in the movie Scarface.
"What the fuck jou talking bout mang?"
by Bono October 06, 2004
Term used when one thrusts his penis into another's sexual cavities so hard that it occasionally hits vital organs.
"Damn man! I was really serving her with some deep poundage, she couldn't even walk afterwards...and that was before the internal bleeding started"
by Bono March 13, 2005
Expression reserved for when you're providing or are about to provide deep poundage to any given person.
"I'm really gonna clean her out tonight"
"She ain't gonna need to wash down there for a month when I'm through with her"
by Bono March 13, 2005
Another word for both the literal and the slang terms for shit.
U2 are really Bono!
Man, you're Bono at thinking.
I'm going for a Bono, might take a while.
by Bono February 15, 2005

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