Bonch is a term used to describe the liquid that collects in the bottom of a full garbage bag. Used by those who work in the food service, parks and recreation, custodial services, or other such industries where changing out garbage bags is a common task. Also used with modifiers to describe the main constituent of the liquid (see below).
When I was changing out trash cans at the waterfront, I tore a hole in a bag and dripped bonch all over my pants.

Get that sack of empties out of here! I don't want beer-bonch leaking all over the carpet!
by CoK Parks n Rec September 12, 2010
Top Definition
Human Perineum, male or female. It's close to your heini and on girls it's tiny; ass side of ball-town, ball side of ass-berg.
My bonch itches.

I will bonch-shive you with a fork.
Area between your pink and your stink
you bite bloody bonch!!! (when you eat a really hot wet,or, period pussy has dripped down to the area)
by AHBAHBAUM May 28, 2003
The area between a dudes scrotum and rectum, usually rather furry.
Lever 2000 does a great job cleaning part number 653, my bonch.
by Matthew L January 07, 2004
island of flesh between your balls and asshole.
"boy was my bonch hair bugging while walking"
by Albert April 23, 2003
Also known as the "taint" it is the spot between the balls and the anus.
When Mary licks Bob's bonch, he goes wild.
by MichaelTodd December 29, 2003
area between genitals and ass.
i liked his balls, bonch, and butt.
by sidewaydaze562 December 16, 2002
The area in Manhattan between 23rd st. and 34th st. East of Lexington
Friendster is like the Bonch...people go there, but you really don't know why.
by Scout McCaffrey October 17, 2006
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