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A finnish girl name, what is formed from a word "heinä" (hay).
Nimeni on Heini.
My name is Heini.
by Dough. April 08, 2005
Short for Heineken
Hey Dude, pass me a heini
#heiney #heine #heiny #bad beer #heineken
by Hp_dutchman February 07, 2006
Heini means "fit" in Welsh. Welsh Heini's are fit, as in athletic and fit generally. They are bright and bouncy too, although given to drinking too much on occasion, and walking oddly when drunk and in heels. In essence, a floozy in a onesie.
Welsh Guy 1: W yli ma'r hogan yna yn heini (Eng: Ooo that girl's fit)
Welsh Guy 2: Ond mae hi'n cerdded fel y Grinch (Eng: Ye but she's walking like the Grinch)
#heini #fit #welsh girl #sprightly #bouncy
by MamacitaDaVinci December 09, 2011
A usually itchy part of the body, generally the source of diarrhea and other fine substances.
Damn, my heini itches.
by my_heini_itches January 03, 2005
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