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A hooligan, if you will. Someone who is a little shitty fucker, full of mischief.
That fucking ne'er-do-well did a donut on my lawn!
by MichaelTodd December 29, 2003
A term of defiance, of disagreement or unwillingness to participate.
Mah gurl callt me and wantit 200 dolla for a new weave and I was all oh helllllll no!
by MichaelTodd December 30, 2003
Also known as the "taint" it is the spot between the balls and the anus.
When Mary licks Bob's bonch, he goes wild.
by MichaelTodd December 29, 2003
The act of fucking in the butt.
I'm really tired, Fran, I spent the whole night with a twink punchin' pooper.
by MichaelTodd December 29, 2003

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