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Bojangle is a reference to a testicle or testicles. Similar to, and used in the same context as "Gonad". Bonjangle plural becomes "Bojangles".
The chain slipped on my bike and I almost crushed my right bojangle...

That horse almost kicked me in the bojangles!
by Lyrical_Poet August 30, 2006
n. a pretty girl with a big booty.

As referenced in the Ying Yang Twins' and PitBull songs.
If you don't know her name, call that chick bojangle!
by dmann August 23, 2006
Bojangling is a skill or talent that very few may possess. It is an ability to get in places you want to be, out of bad circumstances, fool people into believing you, or basically get what ever you want with only shear motivation and balls.
"Damn your boy Jonjon bojangled the living shit out of apple today! He ran in tha same store 5 times, with 5 different disguises, and got 10 iphones in one day. Apple got bojangled..."
by Jonjon-Bojangles October 30, 2011
The initials used by BJ Upton of the Tampa Bay Rays. He's retarded cuz his name is Melvin Emanuel.
Son: Dad, what does the BJ mean for BJ Upton stand for?
Dad: Bo-Jangles son.
by the last name meadows is gay August 14, 2011
1. A person who plays lots of instruments together at once.

2. A person who gets a joint but dont pass it further to the rest of the group (excluded : the person which blows the last bit when the joint has gone forever up in smoke)
3. Someone who does nothing
4. Someone who says it will do something, but doesn't do it.
1. A bojangler was visiting the market. Boy did he look funny with all his instruments! (The song bojangle)
2. Dont bojangle - pass the joint!!
3. He bojangled when he's gotten a fine and now he will go to prison because of non-payment
4. All people bojangled the party, but now it's just the three of us!
by The bjangler September 20, 2010
The act of not passing a piece, blunt, bong, etc. during a smoking session, usually brought on by smoking a shit load of bud.
Pro-v: So I was just (laugh) hanging and all the sudden (giggle) the popo rolls up and...

John: Stop being such a fucking bojangle.

Dave: Ya ur fucking bojangling hard dude fucking pass it!

Pro-v: Sorry.
by SuperSam420 June 01, 2009
To procrastinate or do something very slowly, frequently to the point of annoyance with all parties involved. Originates in Manassas Park, VA.
Tony: "Goddamn it Andrew, you bojangled so much telling us that story about railing that 16-year old that the blunt went out in your hand."

Lance: "Yeah Mr. Bojangles, get your shit together!"

Andrew: "Hold on guys I was about to talk about when she grabbed my cock..."
by junglekrait February 01, 2009