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A lazy person who sits around, wasting their life away while watching shadows trace along the wall. A bum to both oneself and society, leaching off of others, a sick and pathetic waste of flesh and life. Synonomous with an eager desire to remain unemployed, with their fat ass firmly glued to your couch.
Person 1: "Hey you fucking shit, why you just layin' around the house like some bojangler?"
by Greg Hudson & Andy Smith December 02, 2007
someone who talks about something that has no point; going on about nothing; a rambler.

Also, someone here got bojangling confused with boguarting. Thay obviously didn't teach ebonics at your HS just like they didn't teach spelling at mine.
1) Man, STFU you are Bojangling again!
2) My mom is such bojangler.
by NoPain A-Train November 25, 2007
A person who wastes time, takes too long to get ready, is always late and leaves everyone waiting.
Has anyone seen Jay, we are supposed to leave in 20 minutes?
He has to stop for gas, see a friend, and pick up some food. He'll meet us here soon.
Bah! He's such a bojangler
by Julie Jo September 03, 2008
Somebody who constantly sits around, skps things, and doesnt go to track practice
Daniel Giguere, Pheonix Rising, D-Money is a bojangler when he skips spring break practice
by billbong92 April 14, 2010

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