A man's testicles.
Harry's Bojangles swayed to and fro as he pounded Jenny
by Buttrumpet March 13, 2014
A strong alcoholic beverage to be consumed on the journey to the club to prevent de-intoxication
Bro, get the Bojangles ready!
by Mr.Spacebar December 23, 2014
The sound made by numerous beer bottles rolling around your car's floor.
Geez Jarrod,your car's got some serious bojangles happening there
by dodgymechanic March 26, 2014
Bojangle is a reference to a testicle or testicles. Similar to, and used in the same context as "Gonad". Bonjangle plural becomes "Bojangles".
The chain slipped on my bike and I almost crushed my right bojangle...

That horse almost kicked me in the bojangles!
by Lyrical_Poet August 30, 2006
Having the guts or balls to do something
You dont have the BOJANGLES to do it.
by VANE July 09, 2006
Anything that hangs of the body, whether permanant or temporary.
Zounds! My bojangles have been caught!
by $1|) May 17, 2007
Having a 2 and a 4 for the starting hand in Texas Hold 'em. Preferably suited.
I thought for sure my pocket rockets would hold up against the low cards, but Davin whipped out a Bo Jangles! That bastard.
by Fidablo August 25, 2006

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