another word for your nuts
man that girl kicked me right in the bojangles
by greg dowse October 03, 2006
(Or Bojangle's)

A "Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits" restaurant that can only be found in these states (according to their official website):

South Carolina,
North Carolina,
and New York.

They need to put more of there restaurants in Alabama, Mississippi, New Jersey, Delaware, Louisiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Eastern Texas.
(From Flash Intro to their official website) Gotta, Wanna, Needa, Getta, Hava, BOJANGLE'S!
by frodaddy March 03, 2005
The Name "Bo-Jangles" the actule pub was used in the great Australian movie "CHOPPER"
Chopper or Uncle Chop Chop, shot the fela point-blank in the head. He just stood there and coped it sweet!
by Luke January 14, 2005
It's your nutz.
Your Bo Jangles!
Yo my Bo Jangles be Danglin' and Janglin' and Danglin' and Janglin'.
by Cum-Chup June 11, 2005
bo jangle -
also known as : "balls" , "testicles", "penis" , "dick"
don't be touching my bo jangle
by tt homefry ! August 04, 2006
yur nuts
quit grrabbin yur bo_jangles
by joe July 10, 2003
really saggy balls
That dude's got some really nasty bo-jangles!!!!!
by Midnitesun November 07, 2003

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