To manipulate the situation - A chance that turns out in your favor - usually involves shmoozing
I hit on the flight attendant, and totally bojangled another pack of peanuts.

We bojangled our way into the club because my cousin is the Bouncer.

If you don't know how to tie a knot, just Bojangle it.
by Ali-Nav-18 September 07, 2007
A very nasty vagina. Rost beef like
I pulled this girls panties off and she had a Bojangle so I left in a flash
by Anthony Dellose June 08, 2007
v. When people say they're gonna do something and don't. Maybe also be used as a noun where someone is a known "bojangler." Origin: Northern Virginia.
It was supposed to be a huge party but everyone bojangled so it was just the three of us.
by Leeds N. October 13, 2005
The self claimed best person on the face of the earth. Bo Jangles isn't conceited he really is just the best thing ever. A toally lack of caring, and voices hi opion and doesn't give a shit who gets upset or disagrees. He is also a cold heartless basterd, but once again, doesn't give a shit.
The man Bo Jangles is the craziest son of a bitch ever.
by Jim January 25, 2005
a playa or pimp who carries a cane and wears a pink suit with a matching hatThe hat usually has a feather in it.
Brotha, your fresh gears is making you stand out like a BO JANGLES pimp in the middle of watts
by Neil Pomizzle March 04, 2004
1. Famous black dancer
2. Fried chicken joint
3. A joyous exclamation
"Here you are Bobby, you just got an A on your exam." "BOJANGLES!"
by Harrison September 23, 2003
this is a phat place but it is also proper norty. i have bare fights here and its where my enemys grant and mitchell sometimes cotch. its actually called jangles but it is such a wicked place.
"BO! jangles, that is a dangerous place bruv dont go there seriously. some norty people cotch der" -a kid in stortford warning a reporter.
by Thomas Johnson June 12, 2003

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