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1. To be in an awful state usually after drinking

2. Also when describing a lady that is rather ugly
1. Man i was out all night and i'm in a bojangle now

2. Jesus, state of that one, she's in a bojangle
by elmo2112 April 17, 2009
same as bojangles but in question form!
She is a bojangle?

They are bojangles?

that bhatch is such a bojangle?
by Fuzzy Guy and da honey gueze November 10, 2007
a playa or pimp who carries a cane and wears a pink suit with a matching hatThe hat usually has a feather in it.
Brotha, your fresh gears is making you stand out like a BO JANGLES pimp in the middle of watts
by Neil Pomizzle March 04, 2004
1. Famous black dancer
2. Fried chicken joint
3. A joyous exclamation
"Here you are Bobby, you just got an A on your exam." "BOJANGLES!"
by Harrison September 23, 2003
When a girl sucks your balls really hard then pulls her mouth off so it makes a popping sound
Bob: Did you and Clair have fun last night?

Chester: Yeah she bojangled me so hard!
by TKTKTKTK February 24, 2011
To have extreme hot chunky diarrhea that sprays at high velocity out of your anus.
Max: "Oh man that curry was spicy, I'm gonna have to go bojangle!"

Felix: "Aww man I just bojangled this morning, I wouldn't go anywhere near that toilet."

Griffin: "Yeah guys I know what you mean, I had a hot bojangle last night."
by PrunedFish April 24, 2014
A code word used to describe an easy girl among your friends; who is within 15 feet of you. A substitute word for "easy girl."
"Wow, I'm ready to get on this bojangle right about now."

Men: "Oh man, do you smell that? It smells like bojangles..."
Woman: "What's a bojangle?"
by andresx101 November 04, 2009