KFC knockoff that is at once, confoundingly, both better tasting and redneckier than KFC, Popeye's or Church's ever dreamed of being.

English: Bo-JANG-les
Spanish: Bo-HAN-glaze
High-Falutin': Bo-JEAN-glay (JEAN as in Jean-Luc Picard).
Let's go to Bo-JEAN-glay and get some buffalo bites so our farts will burn for two days.
by Deez Nuts March 04, 2005
n. a pretty girl with a big booty.

As referenced in the Ying Yang Twins' and PitBull songs.
If you don't know her name, call that chick bojangle!
by dmann August 23, 2006
The act of a black individual intentionally playing up to black stereotypes, generally in an attempt to obtain street cred.
That rapper talks a lot of shit, but he ain't street. He's just on BET to bojangle for dollars.
by TobyTheRobot September 28, 2006
Having a 2 and a 4 for the starting hand in Texas Hold 'em. Preferably suited.
I thought for sure my pocket rockets would hold up against the low cards, but Davin whipped out a Bo Jangles! That bastard.
by Fidablo August 25, 2006
When a girl sucks your balls really hard then pulls her mouth off so it makes a popping sound
Bob: Did you and Clair have fun last night?

Chester: Yeah she bojangled me so hard!
by TKTKTKTK February 24, 2011
Usually the largest tosser in the world, or at least in their own world. Its not hard to notice them, due to their large vocabulary, but limited logic.
"OMG dude that was such a superlative act of courage, but alas, for I am o' so much greater and more mighty than you." as said by Bo jangles.
by rugger hodgens May 05, 2009
Bottom bitch,a girl you just met at a party or club. Hooked up with her afterwards and for some reason can't remember her by her name. but can remember the way she broke you off.
yo sam, who was that girl you hooked up with lastnight? I can't remember,omar if you don't know her name it's cool call her this bojangles.
by supamario August 11, 2006
v. When people say they're gonna do something and don't. Maybe also be used as a noun where someone is a known "bojangler." Origin: Northern Virginia.
It was supposed to be a huge party but everyone bojangled so it was just the three of us.
by Leeds N. October 13, 2005
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