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An online betting site.
Damn, I put a grand on the Lakers last night at BoDog, & the pistons smoked em!
by Maddog June 26, 2004
the act of paying a hooker and after you have had your way with her, steal the money back...
After I beat this hooker up she took a shower and I went into her purse and bodoged the bitch
by Pytune March 30, 2009
Losing a sure fire bet. Losing to a long-shot. Often by freak or unusual occurance. Often used in Texas hold'em Poker.
I got bodogged when my horse broke his leg 3 lengths from the finishline.

I bodogged this guy by catching 4 cards on the board to complete my flush.
by Ken Huber October 22, 2006
Do something with a hard sexy edgy style, especially if it includes extreme adventure, partying, gambling or sex. The word was first used and invented by founder Calvin Ayre in the early 90's as the name of the on-line gaming brand he launched. All other meanings for Bodog come from the hard core edgy street style branding values that Calvin Ayre has imparted in the word Bodog.
We went Bodog the whole trip!
by GamingGeek May 03, 2009
a word that can take anything normal and make it sound extreme
"oh hey chad i was just about to go bodog grocery shopping would you like to come with me?"
by kevin kroll August 16, 2007

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