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Similar to Booty, but in this case it is a WHITE girl with a Booty... WHOOTY!
Check out that hot white girl over there, shes got a big ol' Whooty!
by GamingGeek May 08, 2009
Doing anything fun or extreme, especially partying, gambling or having sex.
I was Bodog'n hard last night.
by GamingGeek May 03, 2009
Living a Social Media Lifestyle is a way to use Technology and Social websites to empower learning, communication, collaboration, and community.

A Social Media Lifestyle makes your life easier because you can actively monitor conversations related to your niche or business using websites like tweettabs.com, and then jump into the conversation based upon the needs that you see from the parties involved. Gone are the days of not knowing what your customers or contacts think, Social Media connects everyone and all of our thoughts into one expanding consciousness.
Using Tweetdeck on your iPhone to actively scan for news about an earthquake in your city, providing you with valuable real time information before the News websites have it available, is an example of a Social Media Lifestyle choice.
by GamingGeek June 25, 2009
Do something with a hard sexy edgy style, especially if it includes extreme adventure, partying, gambling or sex. The word was first used and invented by Bodog.com founder Calvin Ayre in the early 90's as the name of the on-line gaming brand he launched. All other meanings for Bodog come from the hard core edgy street style branding values that Calvin Ayre has imparted in the word Bodog.
We went Bodog the whole trip!
by GamingGeek May 03, 2009

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