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Something you call Uncle Rico after you hit his Idaho local van with an orange that is really a grapefruit.
Note: Be careful, use of this word could end in serious falling off of fences.
"Get off of me you frickin' bodaggit"
by Chevrolet-La-Vee-Vee-Na December 29, 2004
A tear-drop shaped piece of feces which dangles from the rectum while defecating. To knock it off you must rock back and forth and from cheek to cheek to dislodge it from your sphincter.
1. Uncle Rico-"Get off me you BODAGGIT!"
2. "Damn fool died hitting his head on the stall door while trying to rock a bodaggit."
by jennifer and jessica March 06, 2005
An incompetent, foolish, or stupid person.
A term used in the 80's which is why it was used n Napolean Dynamite which was pretty retro. Also see dingleberry.
You're such a bodaggit.
by jackedfordpumpkin May 30, 2005
a crustified piece of shit caught in anal shrubbery
I took a shower and found a dozen bodaggits on my asshole
by konnor obert March 02, 2005
Any elongated item (i.e. a plastic bag or a towelette)an animal eats and then in the process of defication the item hangs half in and half out of the anus.
Puddles ate a washcloth and later we had to help her get the bodagit out of her ass.
by Reggie Hammer June 23, 2005
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