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Any one being who becomes a free-loading, life-ruining, football-throwing, tupperware-selling, time-machine-buying, bust-must-plus-vending, steak-eating Bodaggit.
Grandma called, you are being such an Uncle Rico.
by Chevrolet-La-Vee-Vee-Na December 29, 2004
Something you call Uncle Rico after you hit his Idaho local van with an orange that is really a grapefruit.
Note: Be careful, use of this word could end in serious falling off of fences.
"Get off of me you frickin' bodaggit"
by Chevrolet-La-Vee-Vee-Na December 29, 2004
A large African American woman, commonly equated to Rosa Parks for traveling by bus as demonstrated on Napoleon Dynamite. Her teeth often resemble that of a horse, or Matt Pieper. She enjoys conversing on the internet with a slightly flamboyant man named Kip and is of-course... Ghetto Fabulous.
I can't wait until LaFawnduh arrives from Detroit for a couple of days. She will hook me up with some real bling. I hope she doesn't ruin our lives and eat all our steak, like Uncle Rico.
by Chevrolet-La-Vee-Vee-Na December 29, 2004
A word used to describe the manner in which Katie Holmes does not fornicate with a crazy man in a movie no one should ever watch.
If you are about to be up out this biotch, check it. peep delta. Don't beez jackrabbitty all up in diz.
by Chevrolet-La-Vee-Vee-Na December 29, 2004
Disney's animated motion picture telling the tale of a gender-confused Asian girl who fights in place of her father while disguised as a male. This film demonstrates Disney recent recognition of female cross-dressers or "drag kings."
Girl, you look rather butch today -- are you pulling a mulan?
by Chevrolet-La-Vee-Vee-Na December 29, 2004
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