Bind on Account.
A World of Warcraft reference for items you can buy on one user and send it via mail to another user on the same account.
Boa item are bought with "Emblem of Heroism"
which you can get by defeating bosses in the Northrend Heroic Instances.
"Those are BoA shoulders which I transferred back from my main."
by ragingox April 30, 2009
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A 17 year old Korean singer who has also learned to speak Japanese, Chinese, and English. Her name is acutally Kwon Boa. Currently has 4 Japanese albums and 6 Korean albums. She is ver popular in both Korea and Japan.
Some of her songs named: Double, Shine We Are!, Sara, Milky Way.
by anonymous May 09, 2004
A hot Korean Pop star that has many talents. Known to be the Asian version of Britney Spear, but not as slutty and way better. She sings in Korean, japanese and as well as American pop.
BoA rocks! Probably the hottest Korean chick you'll ever seen in your life!
by nnguyen11490 November 26, 2003
A pretty Korean singer whom although she does not bear any credit to writing her own lyrics, has achieved things in her nineteen years that most people will never achieve.
The girl fluently speaks THREE other languages beside her native tongue of Korean; Japanese, Mandarin and English.
BoA is so popular in Asia, that she has two seperate official websites. One based in Korea and one based in Japan.
She also has a bunch of unofficial English websites created by her fans in America and Europe.
Once of BoA's recent Japanese single releases, 'DO THE MOTION' was so popular that it surpassed 200,000 copies, taking the top spot on the weekly Oricon Chart, and made BoA the first non-Japanese Asian to reach number one in over a decade. Her album sales have also broken official figures for biggest seller. BoA's first album released in Japan has recorded an order quantity of 1.2 million copies as did her recent greatest hits 'Best Of Soul'.
She is a star renoun throughout the whole of Asia and totally owns the stage next to most other Asian pop singers.
She has also opened the door to other Korean singers to come across to the Japanese market, eg;SE7EN, DBSK. Her popularity in Japan has also been seen as a positive aid in rebuilding past broken ties between the two nations.

Her dancing is unmatched and she can actually hold a note without the aid of voice sythesisers. Amazingly she performs live whilst conducting complicated dance routines; even for crummy tv appearances.
BoA has also done tons of modellling including a shoot for MAYBELLINE in New York.

Despite the fact that BoA is only fully exposed to the East Asian market, she is still often compared to Britney Spears for her overnight dominance and similar 'pop princess' countenance. This is questionable however as BoA is not half as slutty. That is just the tip of why BoA is not Britney Spears but I'm sure you can form your own opinion on that seperate matter.
As of writing, BoA currently has 5 Korean albums, as well as 3 mini albums.
She also has 15 Japanese singles and 3 albums including a greatest hits. This is not to mention her various collaberation projects with other artists.
by Rosefan June 21, 2005
the hottest girl ever to walk the earth, she sings like an angel and is a quadrillion times better than britney spears in everything
BoA is way hotter than britney spears
by jigga1 August 01, 2004
1. Korean pop singer
2. A type of snake
3. Bands Of America abbrieved
4. A computer game clan, apparently
1. BoA rules!
2. Boa's rule!
3. BOA rules!
4. BOA pwnz!
by Gareth Williams February 13, 2005
A hot, talented, and lovely Korean pop-singer who can actually 'sing' and 'dance' terrifically.
She is beloved by millions of people in Korea & Japan, and sold about ten million albums in both countries.
She can speak Korean, Japanese, and English.(She also has some English-version songs)
Her live performances are truely awesome, her dancing abilities are ass-kicking, and her songs are damn great.
She do emphasizes her appearances as well as her talents, but never shows sluttiness like those crappy sluts you-know-who.

She is known to be a sweet, modest, and bright 20 year-old girl in real life. She is an idol for many Korean teenage girls, and is also respected by many for her strong efforts.

BoA's famous songs include; 'VALENTI', 'Listen To My Heart', 'No.1', 'Amazing Kiss', 'Every Heart', 'Jewel Song', 'Merry-Chri', 'Do the Motion', 'Everlasting'.
Britney Spears, Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and the other infamous sluts are nothing but slutty garbages, compared to the talented BoA.
by Marcellus.W September 21, 2006
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