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A hot, talented, and lovely Korean pop-singer who can actually 'sing' and 'dance' terrifically.
She is beloved by millions of people in Korea & Japan, and sold about ten million albums in both countries.
She can speak Korean, Japanese, and English.(She also has some English-version songs)
Her live performances are truely awesome, her dancing abilities are ass-kicking, and her songs are damn great.
She do emphasizes her appearances as well as her talents, but never shows sluttiness like those crappy sluts you-know-who.

She is known to be a sweet, modest, and bright 20 year-old girl in real life. She is an idol for many Korean teenage girls, and is also respected by many for her strong efforts.

BoA's famous songs include; 'VALENTI', 'Listen To My Heart', 'No.1', 'Amazing Kiss', 'Every Heart', 'Jewel Song', 'Merry-Chri', 'Do the Motion', 'Everlasting'.
Britney Spears, Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and the other infamous sluts are nothing but slutty garbages, compared to the talented BoA.
by Marcellus.W September 21, 2006

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