The act of a below average bowler or team of bowlers "Bowling out of their Ass" resulting in a supreme beat down of team that is usually far superior to them.
Team "Pin Pals" BOA'd all over us today!
by DisgruntledBowler11 April 04, 2013
Bitch On Arrival

Someone who starts acting rude or complains to you as soon as you talk to them, either because of their present mood or because they hold a grudge against you.
From the movie Waiting...

Look at the scowl on that one's face. She was BOA from the moment she went to their table.
by Balfdor June 20, 2007
Back of Ames Soldier...Real Motherfucker who grew up in the back of Ames.
Stroll down Ames Blvd, Get yo shit snatched by them BOAS .
by G-Chino September 29, 2011
Battle of appocalypse.
Attempt a 3sum with two guys and 1 girl.
Typically two guys are OGs and the female is an OL or OL referral.
Boa'ing involves anal into the girl and bj with the other guy same time. ATM is typically performed as well.
Guy are we going to boa tonight?
Dude I'm trying to, i have like 3 OL options, once I get confirmation I'll invite you to the lair.
by benoitbarnes December 07, 2008
Beast On A Stick

Beast, cool, exciting, intriguing
Gretchen Weiners: My dad invented toaster strudel!
Secondary Actor: That's BOAS!

*As someone does something impressive*
"That's BOAS!"

Bragging Girl: I mean, I'm pretty BOAS at guitar...
by JackieLeb July 25, 2008
What you say instead of LMAO.
Person 1: I just sharted
Person 2: BOA!
by Cookalocka June 15, 2009
An acronym for "Beast On A Stick"

Meaning: Exceptionally cool, talented, good, interesting or awe-inspiring
"Congratulations on winning the race! You were so fast-- it was BOAS!"

Student 1: I got an A+ in Mr.DeBay's class
Student 2: Seriously? That's BOAS.

Bragging Kid: I'm BOAS at Krav Maga. I could kick your ass!
by BOASmaster1494 August 10, 2008

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