A "hot" Korean makeup spokesperson (she's a model for clothing, ads, makeup, and chocolate) who later became the face of Levi's jeans for young girls. She's into hip-hop and is rumoured to be going out with handsome guys.

She is very pretty, it's like a dream you had. Not nasty, but sexy. She eats a lot. Has recently lost a lot of weight
BoA thinks Edison is good-looking and cute, and nice.

BoA is very talented.

BoA is a weight-loss inspiration

I am so jealous of BoA she is sexy, and I want to look like her! I love her voice! How come she attracts so many guys
by kikyou June 15, 2008
Someone on RuneScape who dies very easily.
Omg, I'm such a Boas, I got owned.
by UnknownScaper August 10, 2007
Acronym for 'Big Ol' Ass.' Pronounced 'Boa,' like the constrictor.
Take a look at that girl! She's got a boa...
by Christine I June 07, 2007
Bradford-on-Avon, a town in west wiltshire, please.
'You coming out in little Boa later?'

'Did you hear about Gillygonks latest antics in Boa?'
by gradmeister June 22, 2006
Kwon Boa is a Korean singer who lives in Japan and once *gasp* dated a Japanese guy, and is therefore now villified by many Koreans (see Insane).
Me: Wow BoA is really hot! I wish she was my girlfriend.
Korean girl: BoA is Chinilpa slut and isn't a real Korean!! Why did she become slutty girl and dating Japanese guy?
Me: Whatever love, she is still much better looking and has more talent than you.
by dudeinwales October 24, 2006
Stands for "bend over and smile." It's what you do when you just have to deal with something you're getting screwed on.
Keith: Damnit, I've gotta stay late at work.
Ben: BOAS, dude. You've gotta make a living.
Keith: Psh, alright fine.

Joe: What the hell??? Verizon charges over $100 for my plan.
Keith: BOAS my friend. You know they have the best service in our area.
Joe: Why do you always have to be right, Keith?
by bls1999 February 20, 2015

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