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Boa Kwon (Kwon Boa, born November 5, 1986 in Kyunggi-Do, South Korea) is an iconic Korean singer who is better known by her artistic name BoA* (Beat of Angel). She has released albums in both South Korea and Japan. Her Korean record label, SM Entertainment, has positioned her to become a cross-cultural idol for all of Asia.

She has released nine full-length albums, three mini-albums, two compilation albums, two remix albums, and over thirty singles in Japan and South Korea. Her albums have also been released as "overseas versions" throughout Asia and her total record sales are quickly approaching the ten million mark. BoA broke records in both Korea and Japan with her top songs, No. 1, Valenti, and Listen to My Heart. She has also made strides in music and acting with chart-breaking albums released in both Japanese and Korean.

BoA's first language is Korean, but she also speaks fluent Japanese and conversational English, and is also learning Mandarin Chinese. BoA has re-recorded her more popular songs in Mandarin and has composed and written lyrics for several of her songs.

Today, BoA is considered one of the most popular pop artists in both Korea and Japan, and is one of the leading stars of the Korean Wave otherwise known as "Hallyu". She has been credited as helping establish and improve relations between Japan and Korea, where tensions have traditionally existed. She is recognized as the "Queen of Asia" by fans across the globe.

BoA has re-signed an extended contract with SM Entertainment until 2012 for which she will receive 100,000 shares of SM Entertainment.
BoA is lame but rich.
by THE WORKOUT October 13, 2006
Bind on Account.
A World of Warcraft reference for items you can buy on one user and send it via mail to another user on the same account.
Boa item are bought with "Emblem of Heroism"
which you can get by defeating bosses in the Northrend Heroic Instances.
"Those are BoA shoulders which I transferred back from my main."
by ragingox April 30, 2009
an urban ebonic way of saying boy. Made popular in Kansas City, Missouri by the african american youth. Not boy as in gender, but a term used to 1. explain agreement on a paticular topic, or 2. the seriousness of the speaker
1. : guy 1: "That party last nite was jerkin!" guy 2: "boa!"
2. : Bro that cheeky was bad "boa"!
by DreNutt January 02, 2011
Acronym. Big 'Ol Ass
Wow, look at that. Now that's a nice B.O.A.

Sharon has a B.O.A. I wouldn't mind getting back behind that for some doggystyle.
by Brain Food November 02, 2007
one really hot pop singer in kor/jap...
god she's hot.
i would love to do boa right now.
by clark January 20, 2004
Acronym for 'Bit Of an Average'

Used to describe a guy or girl that's very average, nothing special, would only do if REALLY drunk.
Guy 1: Hey what do you think of that girl over there?

Guy 2: Na she's a BOA man, I'm not nearly drunk enough yet.


Guy 1: You hookup last night, how was she?

Guy 2: Nothing to right home about, just a BOA.
by LongFeatherTheGreat June 28, 2010
BoA - acronym for "Bind on Account," which is a item type in the popular massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft. BoA items are soulbound to the account of the player that attains the item, and thus can only be traded to the account holder's alts. The item scales to whatever level the item holder is, and levels up with the character. Generally these items also have a stat that grants 10% more experience from quests and monsters, making these excellent questing gear. Also, at lower levels (59 and below) you'll be hard pressed to find items with better stats, thus many twinks buy these items.
"BoA items killed battlegrounds for non-twinks..." as a player is killed by a druid wearing golden armor.
by Nomnommer December 20, 2009