Something that is very homeless.
Something that is of a hobo.
A stupid action.
Yo, yur so bo!
by Moboppy123 August 31, 2008
adv. - prefix meaning excessively or additionally; overly. Originated and commonly used in Philly.
"If I hit the lottery, I'll be bo-paid!"

"Ill, girl! You think he's cute? That boy is bo-ugly!"
by "Cool Aaron" Taylor October 25, 2007
An adjective describing a situation which is good or smashing.
"Astrid, I'm coming to London. It's been ten years."

"That's bo."
by Beau Nidle September 21, 2007
somebody of local kind or kanaka moali or kanaka maoli o hawaii
ho bo wussup how ur mom stay
by danniel November 03, 2006
To catch a cigarette. Derives from the famous star Bo Jackson
"Yo let's catch a bo"
by Kevin Johnson April 11, 2005
An add-on to a person's name that shows you are friendly with said person.
"Hey, Kev-bo, how's it goin'?"
by sam May 13, 2004
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