A lesser known hero in Greek mythology who was a son of Poseidon. Percy Jackson from the Lightning Thief series is loosely based off his life.
Bo from Ancient Greek mythology was such an interesting thing to learn about today.
by wowwwwwwwww1234 October 24, 2009
Obama's portugese water dog
Did you hear about President Obama's new dog? His name is Bo!
by Geeky99 April 13, 2009
slang term for lesbo
an abbreviated version for lesbo
Person 1: Is she kissing that girl?
Person 2: Yeah, she is such a bo
by Shitberly February 15, 2008
The noise made by Birdo in the Super Mario Brothers 2 game when the boss spits eggs out at the player.
(music) *du du du du du du du du* ---"BO!"
by Sacchiel13 March 10, 2007
An acronym for the term Billy Ocean. Also commonly used as a substitute for the term hoe.
Jose: "Ashley was easy! She's a bo. Believe me."
Maria: "I believe you. Once a bo always a bo!"
by proshuffler October 08, 2008
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