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The only "candy" used as an accessory during the performing of oral sex. Hall's Mentholyptus cough drops also work. For a woman showering will be required afterwards unless your a really big fan of yeast infections.
If you really want to give a girl a treat eat her out with pop rocks in your mouth.
by slipsheet November 06, 2004
When a pair of people are having extreme difficulty performing a task. Usually due to the complexity or physical effort of the task involved. Or the inability to get their efforts coordinated enough to complete the task.
Did you see those two trying to get that riding lawnmower off of that pickup truck? They looked like two monkeys fucking a football.
by slipsheet December 13, 2004
incorrect spelling of Dr. Marten's. Commonly used by posers who don't own a pair. If they did they would be the wrong size because they wouldn't be able to figure out the us - uk shoe size difference.
Duh! I cant spell Dr. Marten's. I spell it Doc Martins. But I can spell urbandictionary.com. Why are these shoes so loose?
#air wair #shoes #england #comfy #clod hoppers
by slipsheet March 10, 2006
Nickname given to bales of marijuana thrown overboard or out of airplanes. Origin is reportedly from members of the US Coast Guard in the area of Southern Florida.
"Base we've got some square groupers floating outside of Miami harbor."
by slipsheet November 06, 2004
slang among retail workers for being fired.
You are about to be promoted to customer.
#fired #layed off #terminated #lazy #unemployment
by slipsheet June 25, 2006
When instead of being "written up" for poor job performance etc. You are taken out behind the building and summarily beaten up.
If you don't that mess cleaned up in a hurry I'm going to give you a Staten Island write up.
by slipsheet February 06, 2005
to sit in the backseat of the car. opposite of shotgun.
Dan gets to ride shotgun. You have to ride nigger.
by slipsheet November 01, 2004
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