A commonly used word through IRC, when it comes to asking questions and begging for help.
Hey bo! please help me with this..
by Anonymous Alcoholic August 15, 2003
Comes from lesbo, which is an abbreviated form of lesbian.

See also: mo
See that butch chick over there by the name of Bertha? She's clearly a big old bo.
by Hazel K February 12, 2007
Bo is a suffix for any word you wish to enhance, to be a <word>bo, or to have a <word>bo
"You're a drunkbo";"My phone is pimpbo";"You're mom is a fatbo"
by SCGhst1 November 18, 2006
Any thing that's remarkably cool or notable; deserves praise.
That Komodo Dragon is so bo.
by Jeff Jackson April 04, 2006
B.O Which Stands For Body Odor. Which Also Means You Stank Stay The Fuck Away Bitch.
God Dam Who The Fuck Smells Like B.O!?!
by xXSexyMamiiXx July 17, 2005
the opposite of "mo" which is a les"bo".
a female who is gay
by pearl December 04, 2003
20s/Hardboiled slang for a man.
Look here, bo, you better start talking soon or else it could get real ugly, real fast.
by TalusMZ September 21, 2003

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