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When a person chokes on a penis while giving oral sex. Blow + Choke = Bloch
Dude I totally gave that chick a bloch last night.
by BSleepy June 11, 2010
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1.a pretty psychotic animal usually kissing the ass of some guy with a big head
2.can be seen driving some punked up ford....dammit man, someone should slap yo mama and say "CHEVY" chevy is the way to go.
3.wants to be like skinz..
1.oh, i like your bike buddy, lets talk about choppers and wear the same shirts and hang out and be cool cause i like you man, but you are crazy.
2.oh that must be bloch, cause my girls panties just dropped.
3.oh look, its bloch, see how he tries to act and talk like some one else with lots of tattoos and a shaved head.....hmmmmm who are we talking about people
by inkaholic sex machine February 03, 2004
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hey sugarbear i love therefore if you are a sugarbear you must be a bloch or if you are a bloch then you are definately a sugarbear
by inkaholic sex machine February 03, 2004
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