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When a person chokes on a penis while giving oral sex. Blow + Choke = Bloch
Dude I totally gave that chick a bloch last night.
by BSleepy June 11, 2010
When the person receiving a blumpkin drops a huge turd and the person giving the blumpkin gets a huge splash of shit water on the underside of their chin; When the person giving a blumpkin gets water splashed on their face from a dropping or exploding shit.

Kerplunk + Blumpkin = Kerblumpkin
I need to wash this shit water off my face because my boyfriend gave me a gnarly kerblumpkin.
by BSleepy June 11, 2010
When a person chokes while giving a blumpkin. When a person chokes on penis while giving a blow job to a person sitting on a toilet taking a shit.
I gave my girlfriend the funniest blochkin last night. She gagged right as i dropped a turd, yessssss!
by BSleepy June 11, 2010
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