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Hot bitch with a fine ass; commonly known to party hardcore & rock people's worlds.
Yo! Did you see Hadley come in? Daaamn!
by rill bitch February 22, 2008
Loud & crazy, but is also kind! Always smiling. Smart, funny, athletic, amazing and beautiful.
Why can't i be as gorgeous as Hadley?
by froghopper19 May 15, 2010
Hadley is one of the nicest most caring friends you will ever have. She is a great actress, but is never fake around her friends. Very loyal and fun to hang out with. A Hadley also has amazing hair that everyone is jealous of.
by umathecreator48 March 24, 2013
A Hadley is another word for obsessive or another meaning is for someone who thinks they are really tough
Guy1: dude I got
Bashed in a fight last night
Guy2: yea must have been a Hadley
by Toughpride September 24, 2012
To kill your parents with a hammer and follow it up with a party.
Person 1: Damn! Tyler pulled off quite a Hadley Saturday night!
Person 2: Yea I feel sorry for his parents.
Person 1: But it was a kickass party wasn't it?
Person 2: Yea I guess....
by ZBroski69 July 19, 2011
a perfectionist who is obsessed with tall and obivious peoples
why are you such a hadley???? be a rebel on the edge
by Wonginator June 12, 2007
another word for a super obese dead cat.
Whoa! Look at that huge hadley!
by dylan12345 June 10, 2008