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an X-Men villain...a gigantic moving fat guy with strange hair.
Nothing moves the blob!
by Nothing Moves the Blob January 18, 2005
A person with no job; no motivation; possible chronic masterbation problems; who finds basic activities a challenge with no medical reasoning behind it.
You coming out mate? errrrrr nah, im busy = Blob
by Wolly_Jones May 02, 2011
a forgotten blog that has not been updated for over six months.
If you have written the words, "Sorry, I have been so busy, will be back soon" on your blog, it will soon become a "blob". And you are now officially a "blobber".
by knockgav December 09, 2010
1: Like the name suggests, a person who sits on the couch all day watching Dr.Phil and/or daytime TV.

2: Idk.
"Dude, stop watching Dr.Phil you freaking blob!"
by w00t123 May 12, 2010
(v.) to blob. to move in a drunken stupor in a way very similar to an aoemeba or a blob of goo. to roll/slide around shapelessly and unbalanced when extremely wasted or just very fat.
Joe had so much to drink that he kept blobbing off the couch onto the floor.

Ted blobbed into the room after downing 25 shots of tequlia and practically melted onto the bed.

Bob was so fat he had to blob out of his chair since his legs couldnt support him.
by whoopie October 24, 2007
a common name for a condom
jonny : yeah I did bang her
Steve : did you use a blob?
by mr X March 27, 2005
What you feel you are when comparing yourself to an extremely attractive person, and deciding that you are the most unattractive person on earth in comparison.
Alyssa: Did you see that picture of Liam Payne's girlfriend? I'm such a blob compared to her.
Emma: No you're not! I am definitely the blob here compared to both you and her.
Alyssa: Lets just have a blob night.
by Cosette2009 May 04, 2012