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The state of being high, blazed, baked
dude, ryan we were so blimped last night!
by Dino Susan January 01, 2009
describing a place or situation that is messy,trashed, or crazy
"That kitchen was blimped from last night's party!"
"That was a blimped ass fight!"
by crazigirl June 08, 2007
Describes a person who gained weight since the last time you saw them.
Mike: Hey man Daniella's home! Have you seen her?

Jack: Yeah...she blimped!
by Robin Twist February 07, 2014

Infinitive to blimp

Third person singular blimps

Simple past blimped

Past participle blimped

Present participle blimping

1. to upstage a public event using highly visible displays in order to undermine or diminish the event's intended purpose.
In 2009, supporters of Ron Paul blimped his competitors during numerous outdoor events. President Paul has always denied any responsibility for the blimping of his competitors, who remained bitter about the events of the campaign for many years after the election. The techniques has been used in elections since 2009, and now even celebrities often blimp events to gain audience share.
by TheOneLaw December 15, 2007
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