1. a pube.
2. his hair looks like pubes.
3. has small package.
1. Gotta trim those stubborn Blakes.
2. Melissa- Wow look at his hair!
Nicole- Yeah, it looks like pubes.
Melissa- He must be a Blake.
3. Marie- I was hooking up last night with this guy who was very diminutive in the nether regions.
Nicki- Oh, you must have had a Blake. Sorry girl.
by undefined600 January 01, 2011
A drunk blond headed kid that spews on everything around him and then doesn't move. Sometimes he even sleeps in it...dirty
I blaked all over the place last night.. Im a mess
by T-Step August 25, 2010
This is a common name among the "redneck" tribes of the south eastern United States.These tribes generaly live in a type of Teepee or cabin type home called a trailor park. Little is known of of these people who tend to keep to themselves,even to the point of bringing a whole new meaning to "it stays in the family" The are a hunter type peoples where often the men will dress in the bright orange war clothes and might be gone on the hunt while the woman generally are at home,either drinking,taking crystal meth,or drinking AND taking crystal meth.Blake is a popular name for males and and quite common because of the lack of creativity among these peoples.they know little of the world outside the of the local trailer park where the government is thinking of allowing them to live on a type of reservoir,much like the indians of old,where they may drink cheap beer and gamble in peace.
Blake,get your ass over here and help me gut this dear that grandma just shot!!

Blake,where did you put the damned bullets to my M60? i cant findem! i even dug up the ammuntions we burried out back yonder the house and nun r therre.
by ronnie3091 February 04, 2010
1. verb - employing as little energy as possible when handling a commitment of any type

2. noun - a person who lacks commitment to a particular task that they have agreed to finish or administer to
The administration here is so clueless I can just blake this job.

That dude is so lazy; always blaking it.
by fireinthehole February 04, 2010
a pronoun used in place of a persons real name when one doesn't know the name, is too lazy to say the name, or just wants to say Blake. Is often used in conjuction with curse words and/or words describing a woman's attributes. This name is most often found in the south. The southern meaning of this name usually is associated with "Low Income" trailer parks and fugly girlfriends.
Geeze Dewayne, did you see that guy get Blaked.

Shoot man, you know this house looks like a Blake trailer.
by Handy Johnny February 10, 2010
Someone who has a big head and is full of themselves. Someone who also CHEATS on their girlfriends who they supposedly love and act like it's not a big deal. Someone who doesn't learn from their mistakes and messes with girls' heads and is ALL about sex. Who doesn't realize that he's not the center of the universe and not everything revolves around him. Who doesn't really have as big of a dick as he claims to have..
Wow who was that douche bag that did that to her? Must've been a Blake. Let's go kick him in the nuts.
by whitney3209 March 02, 2010
Someone who takes advantage of relationship problems or issues by first charming your girlfriend into thinking he's a great guy, then liquoring her up and taking her to a hooka bar while you are not around
"I leave for two days and that jackass Blake is already trying to move in on my girl"
by Crabby Mike December 07, 2009

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