Blake- known as some super hot hacking kid that never looks like a nerd but he is and yeah BIG PENIS! and puffy nipples and pimps all the bitches with the godsmack all well playing some rs and some wow and cod mw2 and some halo 3 all at the same fucking time niggers all in all blake is pro sauce (sexy hair!) *quite voice* venmtrillio ownz ;D
Alexa: Blake wanna come chill?

Blake: sure let me pwn some noobs on cod and halo first ;D

Alexa: kk so ull come after

Blake: no fuck that lemme rat some nerds then come

Alexa:Fine but you have a big wee wee

Blake: Ik ik calm ur bean ill make it rain later ;D

Alexa: what?

Blake: by that i mean make it rain money and pussy juice ;D

Alexa: fuck yeahhh ^_^
by Alexa666111 July 10, 2010
An annoying know it all who doesn't shut up. Thinks he is popular and hot, but no one likes him. He is also extremely ugly and short.

Unpopular boy and girls name.

Another name for a dick.
Blake: Hey, I can get any girl
Person 1: You're fucking ugly
Person 2: No-one likes you
Person 3: Fuck off shorty
Blake: You're so immature, you're just immature
Person 1: Fuck off
Person 2: Blake, you are fucking gay, piss off nobody wants you around faggot.
*Blake runs off crying as everyone else holds in laughter*
by Smoker May 05, 2014
blake is a verry anoying, sometimes cool and small penised man who can never really get girls because he is to afraid to talk to them and is fairly smart.
omg that is such a blake thing to do.
by bumbflufff June 29, 2011
An ape. A person who is completely full of himself, and thinks that he is the greatest at everything; unfortunately he is smarter than me. Grossly overweight. Lethargic Ape Down Syndrome Bitch (LADSB).
A kid named Blake at our school.
by Myke Hawke - April 05, 2011
a stage 5 clinger who doesn't realize that the feelings aren't mutual.
He's called me 7 times in the past hour. We've got a Blake on our hands.
by deeeena January 18, 2011
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