A Blake is a Comedy relief character of life. He is smart in mechanics but idiodic in real life situations. He usually plays childrens games such as Pokemon, Bayblade, and/or Yugioh, and spends most of the day play XBOX. He can usually be found in a darker skin tone (Friends call him Black) and a small, but noticeable 'fro. He is a liar at times at falls in love with girls who are somewhat unattractive. He makes weird noices that sound like geese, moose, or a clown. He can have many nicknames that range from B-Flake, Dr.Beef, Doctor Beuf, Blake Blake, ect. He is found all over the world, but the worlds famous Blake lives in Dawson City, Canada
Guy 1: Dude, Why are you using a level 5 Squirtle against a level 100 Pikachu?
Blake:Shut up I know what Im doing
"Squirtle just fainted"
Guy 1: Geeez, what a Blake
by B-Flake June 20, 2011
(verb) to approach a potentially dangerous situation completely unprotected, and to complete the task with total disregard for repercussions.
1. Can you believe that Greg is blakeing a toilet at a Tex-Mex restaurant right now? How repulsive!

2. I can't believe I blaked that girl last night. Now I have to worry about doctor bills and child support payments.
by TedP82 March 30, 2010
A given name, means a dark, pallid color.

To me, Blake means many things. Love, hatred, compassion, envy, respect, lust, rightousness, corruption...

Blake is usually somebody that leads many lives.

A normal one, that his friends, coworkers, and relatives see him as.

A troubled side, where all his unanswered questions and curiosities lie.

A kind side, where he is cheerful, helpful, and fun to be around.

And an evil side, where he plots to steal, kill, and corrupt.

He is usually a man of skill, being a computer hacker, scientist, or someone else with a very high IQ
Jill: hey, Jack, look at Blake over there.

Jack: what about him
Jill: *shiver* isn't there something about him that creeps you out?
Jack: you're right... I hope he doesn't shoot up the school or something.
by Breakingspell September 14, 2009
Why did you go out and be a Blake like that?

You're such a Blake!
by paperLord November 04, 2012
Blake- known as some super hot hacking kid that never looks like a nerd but he is and yeah BIG PENIS! and puffy nipples and pimps all the bitches with the godsmack all well playing some rs and some wow and cod mw2 and some halo 3 all at the same fucking time niggers all in all blake is pro sauce (sexy hair!) *quite voice* venmtrillio ownz ;D
Alexa: Blake wanna come chill?

Blake: sure let me pwn some noobs on cod and halo first ;D

Alexa: kk so ull come after

Blake: no fuck that lemme rat some nerds then come

Alexa:Fine but you have a big wee wee

Blake: Ik ik calm ur bean ill make it rain later ;D

Alexa: what?

Blake: by that i mean make it rain money and pussy juice ;D

Alexa: fuck yeahhh ^_^
by Alexa666111 July 10, 2010
An annoying know it all who doesn't shut up. Thinks he is popular and hot, but no one likes him. He is also extremely ugly and short.

Unpopular boy and girls name.

Another name for a dick.
Blake: Hey, I can get any girl
Person 1: You're fucking ugly
Person 2: No-one likes you
Person 3: Fuck off shorty
Blake: You're so immature, you're just immature
Person 1: Fuck off
Person 2: Blake, you are fucking gay, piss off nobody wants you around faggot.
*Blake runs off crying as everyone else holds in laughter*
by Smoker May 05, 2014
blake is a verry anoying, sometimes cool and small penised man who can never really get girls because he is to afraid to talk to them and is fairly smart.
omg that is such a blake thing to do.
by bumbflufff June 29, 2011

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