A fagget Douche Bag Shit Fuck, who nobody likes because they dont have a life and because they dont shower and smell like vagina
Omigosh that kid is such a blake, come on hurry let go we dont want to start smelling like vagina do we
by fatty ass lucas August 26, 2008
a retarted fag who plays guitar and is horrible with the ladies
blake is a homosexual
by bob sanchezy January 17, 2009
a blake is a person who will shrivle up and or explode when exposed to sunlight or radiation. a blake will also have feet simalar to that of "froto baggins" and will unknowingly put his feet right in front of your mouth like a total jackass. another distinct characteristic of a blake is a putrid smell of rotting pigs feet and sweaty sumo wrestlers. a blake will ackwnoledge that he smells this way but wont do shit about it!
"man you smell like a blake"
"ya sorry"
"well take a damn shower"
"hey did you take shower"
"ya....smell me" (after smelling you experience gag reflex)
"you still smell like ass and get your feet out of my face"
"ok sry"
by quest 111111111111111 April 05, 2008
The bloody flakes found on the shaft of the penis due to chronic or abusive use.
My Blakes are itchy and inflamed.
by PaulTdot February 08, 2007
very handsome polite man who always so anything for the people they love.
Man, he is such a great man or blake
by Blake716 May 06, 2015

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