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Tokened in 2006, blairing, or blairaeria, is a state or condition of being in contradiction with ones self-professed "truths". Identified by characteristics such sociopathy, spite, conceit, vindiction, pretension, and/or hypocrisy, a blair or one suffering from blairaeria may resort to inauspicious exploitation of unsubstantiated opinions due to instability of mental wellness/self worth, or a gross distortion of reality. More commonly experienced is an uncontrollable urge to compose diatribisitic blogs or behave distastfully towards any person fabricated as offensive.
"I was so mad at my boyfriend for cheating on me I just blaired out and blamed the girl."

"I haven't seen her in years but she just keeps blairing me online."

"His blairaeria prevents him from reasoning."

"With networks such as Myspace and Twitter, blairaeriaism is at it's highest."

"She was so ashamed that she gave him an std all she could do was blair him when he asked her about it."
by Jonathan Cusack November 04, 2009
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